Self-Sealing Water Balloons!
The Fast and Easy Way to Make Water Balloons!
Frequently Asked Questions 


Shipping Questions:

When will I receive my Bunch-O-Balloons?
Dependent on stock availability, Standard Shipping takes 20 to 25 days of placing your order or if your purchased Priority Handling within 10 to 15 days

How do I track my shipment?
Your tracking # will be issued once your ZURU Bunch-O-Balloons has been dispatched which will be within 48hrs of placing your order. This will be emailed to you if you have submitted your email address or you can contact ZURU Customer Services and provide your order number and they will respond with your tracking number:

You can track your ordering using the following web portal:

Its been over 48hrs and I have not received my tracking #?

Please contact ZURU Customer Services
Email :

Its been over 25 days (standard Shipping) or 15 Days (Priority Handling) and I have not received my Bunch-O-Balloons?

Please use your tracking # to locate your ZURU Bunch-O-Balloons and if this does not solve your query, Please contact ZURU Customer Services
Email :

Product Questions

How do I fill my Bunch-O-Balloons up?
1. Screw the Quick Connector on to the fitting at the base on the Bunch-O-Balloons
2. Attach the Quick Connector to the hose fitting and turn on water.
3. Fill till the balloons are the size of an apple and shake. They will fall off the straws and self tie.

What will happen if I don’t turn off the water?

The balloons will burst.

What to do after using them?
The balloons and O-rings are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The straws are recycled plastic. Please recycle.

Are they reusable ?

How many balloons in a pack?
35 balloons per bunch and 3 bunches per pack. That’s 105 balloons!

Safety Questions

Are bunch of balloons safe?
Yes however we you must dispose of them responsibly after use - Only suitable for children over 6 years old

Order Questions

How do I order?
You can order online or by calling our free phone number . You must be over 18 and have a credit card

How do I know if my order has been processed?
You will receive a confirmation at the end of your order process and if you provide your email address your will receive an email confirmation

What happens if I cancel my order?
You will need to email your reason for cancelling the order before your refund can be processed.

Replacements and Refunds

Your satisfaction is important to us and is 100% Guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with any merchandise for any reason, simply return the product within 30 days of receipt for a full refund of your purchase price, excluding shipping and handling. To return an item, we request that you first contact us to obtain a Return Authorization # (RA#) Postage costs you incur to return an item are non-refundable. Unauthorized or hand delivered returns will not be accepted.

We suggest you ship returns via a GROUND method that can be tracked (UPS ground / FedEx Ground / USPS Priority mail) to the following address:


Along with your return, be sure to include the following:

1. Your order number and/or your complete name, address, and billing phone or email address
2. A detailed explanation regarding your reason for returning the item(s)
3. Information about whether you would like a refund or a replacement

How long will a replacement take?
10 to 15 days and we will send with Priority Handling free of charge

How long will a refund take?

After we have reviewed your case, if approved, it may take 5 to 7 days for the refund to show on your credit card

Privacy and Security Questions

What do you do with my personal information?
We only use your details for the purposes of transacting your order and customer services.
All personal information will be deleted permanently after 90 days
We will not share your information with any third parties

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